Uninsulated U-Cups

Uninsulated U-Cups

The U cups mainly used at the top of the wall to forming ring beam. The U cups with steel bars and concrete fill is a perfect solution at wall plate level. The formed ring beam, and the concrete gives you the freedom to fit any type of roof to your building. We also using the U blocks as a lintel above wider opening. The precast lintel available up to 2.5m (minus 2x150mm bearing) so above 2.3m wide opening we using these U blocks to forming a massive (insulated) lintel. Available sizes (width): 240mm, 300mm, 365mm, 425mm.



The uninsulated U cups can be used on the single leaf wall where external insulation will be applied on the block work. Available sizes (width): 240mm, 300mm, 365mm, 425mm.


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