• Alligator Saw Alligator Saw
    The Dewalt alligator saw make our construction faster and the builders life easier. Durable, dust-sealed aluminium housing for low weight and excellent durability. Features a 500mm sword capable of over 100 cuts. Thick sword reduces deflection and produces more accurate cuts. Fast blade-change system with integrated clamp, able to pass through the cut. Sculpted rubber overmould handles and 2-finger trigger for greater control.
  • Mortar Rollers
    Thin bed mortar is a mix of fine-ground sand, cement and other ingredients specific to Poroton construction. Mixed locally to laying, it allows for thin joints which will achieve full strength in just 24 hours. The Roller to apply the thin bed mortar allows for the swift and simple creation of true 1mm bed joints. The precision Collomix is a perfect, high standard solution for this job. Available sizes (width): 100mm, 240mm, 365mm, 425mm
  • Paddle Mixer
    Used for mixing mortar locally, close to the block layer and team. It is a very similar process to mixing tile adhesive. The mortar will be supplied in a 15kg bag with the blocks. This is mixed with 9.6 litres of water and will effectively lay one full pack of blocks, eliminating the need for barrowing many mixes of sand/cement mortar. Faster and more efficient. There are many different brands of paddle mixer available. We can supply any tools necessary to complete the project.
  • 430mm replacement blade for Dewalt Aligator saw. Tungsten tipped blade to cut all poroton clay products, except precast clay lintels. Approximately 300 cuts.