Why use Porotherm?

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6 hours ago

Clayblock Ireland

Advantage of single leaf clay block wall

youtu.be/sJNidAC-W6oInvesting in a single-leaf wall construction with clay blocks pays for itself. Porotherm and Poroton by Wienerberger, the best choice for a safe and healthy ...
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1 week ago

Clayblock Ireland

Porotherm 365mm single leaf wall + 100mm external insulation = Passive U value 0.15W/m2K! This house is on the hill, but the owner doesn’t have to worry about the cold and wind! The Porotherm clay block is the best performing building material on the market, and now the price starts cheaper than the concrete cavity wall! Don’t forget, you build your house for a life time..... email your inquiry to office@clayblock.ie ... See MoreSee Less

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Lidl Clitheroe build photos showing Wienerberger Porotherm bricks.

  Why choose Porotherm?

Used for thousands of years in construction worldwide, clay remains the most sustainable solution for modern buildings. It’s natural properties mean that it provides a complete, long term sustainable structure, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture, but giving a building life over 150 years with little or no maintenance.

Strong and durable, yet lighter and easier to work with than many of the alternatives. Clay also builds-in sound and temperature-control benefits wherever it is used—creating the ideal internal living environment.

From sustainability credentials and build quality to the ease of use on-site, clay is a material equipped to meet every demand of modern construction.