The Process

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The Process

The key to the success of the system is good preparation and workmanship during construction.

The monolithic wall construction process is really simple and can be summarised in these simple steps. Full training can be arranged for competent tradespersons. A full selection of tools and accessories are available for use with the Porotherm® system. Contact us for further information.

Clayblock - The Process 1. Lay the first course on a traditional sand-cement mortar bed
dsc_3989 2. Ensure the first Poroton blocks are level, horizontal in both directions and vertically plumb. This is the most crucial stage of the process, as it determines the levelness of each of the subsequent build storeys, and the speed and accuracy of the construction as a whole
Clayblock - The Process 3. Mix thin bed mortar according to guideline quantities – don’t mix more than you need
dsc_4044 4. Apply the mortar (mixed close to the build) to the Poroton blocks with a roller
img_2556 5. Repeat until a precision wall is complete – up to four times faster than traditional methods
Clayblock - The Process 6. Wall ties are easily installed (see other products)
img_3323 7. If additional insulation or specified then it can be applied after the externals walls are erected.
Clayblock - The Process 8. Poroton block-cutting is straightforward