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Is it your foundation getting done? Still not too late to change to clay blocks. WHY? Because we guarantee speed, accuracy, efficiency and comfort! You will....move in faster, save money on the heating bills, enjoy your home in a healthy living environment! Order now! Send your plan to and do your best choice! ... See MoreSee Less

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It is very important how you build and what materials you use! The Porotherm clay block system is the most energy efficient and comfortable method to build your home!

-Environmentally friendly

We guarantee the comfort of your new build!
For more information visit our website or contact alternatively you can call us on 0877745465
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Porotherm products have…

  • Up to 30% MARSS materials from alternative, recycled and secondary sources
  • Low embodied energy
  • An end of life function as a useful crushed hard-core – 150+ years
  • 95% less water use in construction
  • Minimal waste during use

Clayblock sustainabilityClay is a natural material equipped to meet every demand of modern construction. Used for thousands of years in construction worldwide, clay remains the most sustainable solution for modern buildings. Its natural properties means that it provides a complete, long term sustainability, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture, but giving a building life of over 150 years with little or no maintenance.

Create an optimum living environment, ask for comfort without complication, simplify construction, reduce trades and increase workflow.

While matching masonry structures for fire-resistance, longevity and sustainability, poroton construction can even be faster than timber frame construction – with the added benefit of allowing parallel working for internal and external trades earlier in the program