Light steel frame

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Complying with Irish Building Regulations nowadays can seem quite difficult however achieving the required wall specification will be so much easier with Clayblock wall solutions.Remove the multiple wall & insulation layers in favour of a single structural product and add your choice of finish. Save time, money and waste on site, send your plan and contact information to and we will help you create a more comfortable home at a reasonable price. If you need more information click or call us on 087 7745465 ... See MoreSee Less

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Is it cold? 🌨❄️Can you feel the draft in your house?💨🌪 this won't happen in a clay block house!! 🌞Clayblock Ireland 🇮🇪 offering the best #energy #efficient monolithic wall system! To get a quote contact us on 0877745465 or send your plan to #home #architecture #selfbuild ... See MoreSee Less

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Clayblock versus Light Steel Frame

  Light Steel Frame Clayblock®
Finishes Designed to be clad – typically with plasterboard to the internal face, insulated between studs, clear cavity and external skin of masonry or rain-screen. Cavity or monolithic walls designed to be clad with a wide range of finishes
Internal partitions Lighter sections for internal partitions may not be suitably robust for all applications. Clayblock® walls are suitably robust for use on all development types.
Thermal performance The light steel frame structure provides no contribution Contributes with regards to thermal mass and thermal conductivity.
Weatherproof Dependent upon cladding The external walling envelope is removed from the programmes critical path in providing a weatherproof structure.
Internal fit out Internal fit out cannot commence until external cladding has been installed Internal walls can be constructed with external inner leaf walls