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14 hours ago

Clayblock Ireland

In the EU across the continent approximately 90% of the houses (yes 90%!) are built with clay blocks!! All current regulations and building standards including thermal requirements are based on the performance of clay blocks. Lower U-values such as 0.18W/m2K for nZEB buildings are easily achievable with our Porotherm T7 MW 365 single leaf structure! No draught, no cold, no mould..... just a comfortable and healthy living environment at a low cost! Email your plans to
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1 week ago

Clayblock Ireland

Concrete is cheap and ineffective, Porotherm is much better value! If you are going to build your home choose the right products. Consider Porotherm as a superior wall solution! Send your plan to and we give you a free quotation. Alternatively you can call us on 0877745465 or visit our website ... See MoreSee Less

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