Clayblock in use

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Complying with Irish Building Regulations nowadays can seem quite difficult however achieving the required wall specification will be so much easier with Clayblock wall solutions.Remove the multiple wall & insulation layers in favour of a single structural product and add your choice of finish. Save time, money and waste on site, send your plan and contact information to and we will help you create a more comfortable home at a reasonable price. If you need more information click or call us on 087 7745465 ... See MoreSee Less

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Is it cold? 🌨❄️Can you feel the draft in your house?💨🌪 this won't happen in a clay block house!! 🌞Clayblock Ireland 🇮🇪 offering the best #energy #efficient monolithic wall system! To get a quote contact us on 0877745465 or send your plan to #home #architecture #selfbuild ... See MoreSee Less

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Porotherm in use

  • dsc_4031Thin bed mortar is a mix of fine-ground sand, cement and other ingredients specific to Porotherm® construction.
  • Mixed locally to laying, it allows for thin joints which will achieve full strength in just 24 hours
  • Unlike traditional mortar, which is often limited to use only when the temperature exceeds 3°C, our mortar can be used from 0°C, allowing block layers to minimise weather related delays
  • Each 15kg pack requires just 3.6 litres of water and will lay 1 no. pack of poroton blocks when applied with the correct rolling tools
  • A Roller to apply the thin bed mortar allows for the swift and simple creation of true 1mm bed joints.


  • A high performance parge coat is an alternative to a wet plaster parge coat to provide an airtight barrier prior to the application of plasterboard on dabs or other internal finishes
  • Our parge coat is a modern high performance product,that has been specifically designed and tested for the fast application onto the Porotherm® walling systems. It has been engineered to increase airtightness and to optimise the sound and thermal performance of the system, prior toapplying finishes.
  • Our parge coat can be easily applied by brush or roller ensuring a fast, de-skilled applicationeco-parge-porotherm