Porotherm in depth

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Porotherm in depth


  • clay-block-in-depthIn comparison to traditional block work, Porotherm® construction uses around 95% less water. In a sample 212m² building project, concrete blocks will require 1060 litres of water compared to just 72 litres for the poroton system
  • The system takes less time to achieve a watertight shell thus accelerating the project schedule
  • The external skin can be removed from the critical path to allow parallel working of internal trades and external finishes


  • Clay block fasterWith no mortar needed in vertical joints and a minimal 1mm bed joint, the Porotherm® system rises rapidly. An average of 30-40m² per man per day is easily achievable, much faster than traditional masonry or Aircrete Blockwork.
  • The Porotherm® system is capable of being built to storey height in one day!
  • Upper floors can be placed without the need for normal backing up so the external envelope can be completed more quickly
  • While surpassing masonry structures for fire-resistance, longevity and sustainability, Porotherm® construction can be even faster than timber frame construction—with the added benefit of allowing parallel working for internal and external trades earlier in the programme
  • Our thin bed mortar can be used from 0 degrees Celsius or above, this means that the projects can gain days/weeks in advance scheduling during winter months which would otherwise be lost by using traditional masonry.