Aircrete Thin Joint (Breeze block)

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Is it your foundation getting done? Still not too late to change to clay blocks. WHY? Because we guarantee speed, accuracy, efficiency and comfort! You will....move in faster, save money on the heating bills, enjoy your home in a healthy living environment! Order now! Send your plan to and do your best choice! ... See MoreSee Less

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It is very important how you build and what materials you use! The Porotherm clay block system is the most energy efficient and comfortable method to build your home!

-Environmentally friendly

We guarantee the comfort of your new build!
For more information visit our website or contact alternatively you can call us on 0877745465
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Clayblock versus Aircrete Thin Joint (Breeze block)

Aircrete Thin Joint (Breeze block) Clayblock®
Block Strength 2.9 – 8.7 N/mm² 10 N/mm².
Movement Joints Typically 6m centres (3m from corners). Typically 20m centres
Mortar Greater volume (beds and perps) at additional cost. Free with blocks (beds only). Less water built-in
Additional movement control reinforcement mesh Frequently every second course and 2 courses below and 2 courses above window/door openings. None required
Product accuracy To avoid unnecessary rasping TLMA or TLMB dimensional tolerance class blocks must be used. During the manufacturing process Clayblock® products are ground top and bottom with a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm and therefore are virtually flat.